So you are looking to remodel a space, we can do this too. Our remodeling division would be more than happy to help guide you through this process. Whether it’s a new Kitchen, bathroom or basement, we are set up to be able to provide everything you need.  One part that separates us from most, we hire craftsman, not day laborers.   Everyone on my staff is a legal citizen, speaks English and some are Veterans. We work as a team and in most cases, everything we do is in house.  These can be important things to consider when you are having someone work on your largest investment.

We have a simple process that works well with most of our larger projects.  We keep a very open approach to our clients and their projects.  We will initially meet and talk about the project and the budget.  Budgets are very important in the initial phase because this allows both parties to be able to make a logical and sound decision. Though we do offer free estimates on our service side, we do charge a service rate of $50.00 for our larger estimates.  This fee covers a small portion of the costs associated with the estimating process.  Some companies offer free estimates as a marketing tool, our product and word of mouth does that.

Here are a few examples of what we can do for you:
Kitchen Remodels:
•    Full build out or a simple update
•    New flooring 
•    Electrical updates to include recessed lighting
•    New cabinetry
•    Custom design work
•    New appliances and install
•    Tile back splash
•    New plumbing fixtures
•    Paint work
Bathroom Remodels:
•    Master bathroom, basement, powder room
•    Full build out or a simple update
•    New vanity and top
•    New flooring
•    New fixtures 
•    Preference items-towel rods, tp holders, etc.
•    New plumbing fixtures to include diverters and water supply valves
•    Custom tile shower pans and Glass enclosures
•    Custom design work
•    Fan upgrades
•    Lighting upgrades to include recessed lighting
•    Paint work
Basement Remodels:
•    Full design and full build outs
•    All new framing
•    All new electrical to include a sub-panel if needed
•    All plumbing to include tie ins
•    New drywall 
•    New bathroom or Powder room
•    Flooring
•    Built-ins and custom shelving
•    Surround sound systems
•    In-Law Suite options
•    Bedroom additions
Pricing on all of our remodeling projects is on a "per Job" basis. Though we can discuss the regional average of similar projects, in most cases the prices are driven by the customers preferences.
All material to be specified per project.
We structure our payments on larger remodels based on the project. We gladly accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.*
​ will provide a one year warranty on all workmanship and material that we provide. We unfortunately cannot provide a warranty on material provided by others.

*Credit Card processing on any amount over $1,000.00 will be subject to a 2.69% surcharge per transaction.

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